PAY-PAY Booklets

300 (Wad) Booklet

Pay-Pay’s big (money-saving) format.

300 untied leaves of equal dimensions to 1 1/4

Ideal for those who never want to run out of paper and additionally want to save money. With the same quality as Pay-Pay’s blue TYPE B paper

Ultraslim, transparent and resistant. A slow-combustion paper because of its low porosity thanks to which the cigarette does not burn down if it is not being smoked

The same as in all Pay-Pay booklets, the gum is natural arabic coming from acacia resin, with no additives.


44 x 76 mm

Weight (in grams)

13-14 g/m2

No. of leaves



Box of 40 wads

This can be of interest to you

PAY-PAY cares about the environment

Product made with 100% natural materials



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